Tuesday, July 19, 2005

#3 Down From the Mountain

"Down from the Mountain"
#3 July 19, 2005

About a week ago, I experienced a day like none other. It seemed that from the moment I woke up, it was one of those "God days". My prayer and devotional time was charged with fresh and deep revelation. I praised and prayed, wept and rejoiced because the Holy Spirit was just that close. Teaching the Word to our clients at My Father's Business, I felt anointed and watched God's power that is in His Word lighten spirits and invigorate those who were listening. What a day!

A mere 24 hours later, life happened. Unpleasant things to deal with - and in the next few days, unpleasant people to endure. All of the "stuff of life" that makes up our days. I first began to blame the devil for my troubles, reasoning that he didn't like me growing closer in my walk with God. But the more I pondered and prayed, I believe there was a lesson to be learned.

The mountain was still ablaze with fire when Moses came down from it. The two stone tablets that were in his hand were written by the very finger of God. But what he found were God's people bowing down to a golden calf and indulging in corrupt behavior. (See Exodus Ch.32, Deuteronomy Ch. 9)

Elijah called fire from heaven on a sacrifice drenched in water. The sacrifice was burned up! He then killed 450 prophets of Baal with the sword. But just after that, when he heard that the priestess of Baal worship, Jezebel, was after him to kill him, he ran for his life. He became so discouraged that he asked the Lord to take his life. (See 1 Kings 19: 1-4)

One day Jesus took Peter, John and James up onto a mountain to pray. (Read Luke 9:28-36). During that time He was transfigured and was visited by Moses and Elijah. Peter and the guys saw Jesus in all of His glory and heard the voice of God. But skip to verse 37. The very next day, when they came down from the mountain, a large crowd met them. A man begging for his son's life and deliverance from demons. Disciples who were ineffective in ministry. Still others who couldn't understand His words to them. Arguments among the disciples.

Unfortunately, we live more of our lives "down from the mountain" in the Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays of life. We have spouses, children, jobs and ministry work to do. We may deal with sickness, not enough money to pay the bills, a lost job or an aging parent.

Moses got angry and broke the stone tablets. Elijah got depressed and wanted to die. Only Jesus had the proper response. He helped those who came to him who were in need. The best thing to do when we have problems or boredom with our everyday lives is to get our eyes off of ourselves and help someone else.

The second thing we should do is never forget those "God days", those special mountain top times. Many times in God's Word He tells us to remember His times of faithfulness to us, His times of anointing on our lives, His blessings and His favor. (See Deut. 8:2, 11:2). The Psalms are filled with David's accounts of all that God did for Him. The Bible says that he encouraged himself in the Lord. And even down here at the bottom of the mountain, God is no less present in our lives. He is Always there with us.

Life can be tough, busy, mundane or uneventful. But if we keep a good attitude, help others and always remember God's goodness to us we can persevere. Since we spend most of our time down here anyway, we may as well enjoy it and do it right.

By the way...did you notice who appeared on the mountaintop with Jesus? Hmmm...

Waiting to go back up the mountain,

Donna Schultz

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