Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Writer's Block Jumble

She wrote these words on Facebook about three years ago. She was my son's friend. She was 14.   

Writer's Block Jumble
"I have writer's block. 
I'm going to write about nothingness. 
Or whatever. 
For a while.
Until I can think of a good idea. 
To write.
I know what I want to write about. 
the words aren't coming. 
So i'll just sit here and ramble.
I apologize to whoever is reading this. 
I'm just frustrated. 
I want to write about God and His glory.
but I can't.
and I don't know why 
It's annoying.
Dear God, 
help me get over this writer's block so I can spread your love and your words to 
all who are reading/listening/believing. 
I might just go read my bible. 
I never have before.
that would help
it's like poetry but stories and it's real.
I think I'll start with Revelations.
or Psalms. 
Those are my favorites.
Just from snippets I've seen. 
That's a good word,
isn't it. 
Along with eloquent. 
And jojoba.
and Marzipan. 
I need some fresh air.
I'm going on a walk, with my notebook, clear my thoughts and my brain. 
So I can feel some aliveness. 
In my soul."

I read those words on a day that I too, was suffering from writer's block. She inspired me to say: 

Sweet baby girl, I feel just like you. I haven't written on this blog in ages, and I so wanted to write something profound about, and glorifying to, my God. And I wanted to write it TODAY. Maybe we don't have writer's block. Think about it... 

Are there any words to define our God? Can any combination of alphabet letters describe Him in His fullness? Those of us who write, seek to paint pictures with our words, but is there a palette that contains the color of God? He is fuller than full, completely undefinable, and He is every beautiful shade and color in the universe. I don't think we have writer's block, sweet thing. 

I think we're tongue-tied by His glory! 

There are days where finding words are easier for both of us. Maybe, just maybe, today, Christ has given a special glimpse of His glory, just for us. And He has shown us that He is so big, so awesome, so full of glory, so uncontainable, and so indescribable, that we can do nothing more than fall to the knees of our hearts and worship. Our pens won't write, our keyboards won't click, our tongues are dumb... 

We are blessed today. He has filled us to overflowing with all of His fullness and we can't speak. It's too much! We want others to know, but how do we even begin to describe the indescribable? To define the undefinable? Maybe we just did. 

Maybe we just did. 

You and I ... together ... in our "writer's block jumble".

Did you read your Bible? It's real, baby girl...it's so real. And so is Christ's love for you. Do you hear me? He loves you so much. Know that today. Embrace that today. Let that knowledge wash over you. Feel Love's warmth. Feel His arms around you right now. That is the place where you will feel the "aliveness in your soul". 

Maybe I'll go read me some Psalms or Revelation too. Or maybe I'll just think about what a good word "Marzipan" is.

Thanks, Kelsey...you were an answer to my prayers today! Love, Donna

Later that day, she wrote more words.

I'd like to dance before you 
to sing praises in your name
to hear you say those living words
that me, my soul, are saved.
I hope I live to see the day
that you're chariot will come
to shout the words "He is alive!" 
To see your only son. 
When I stand before your glory. 
Humbled and in awe. 
Knocked down by your beauty.
And in front of you, I fall. 

Thank you Lord, for taking away my writer's block. Finally. Phew. I'm glad I managed to write something decent."

She's 17 now. We've lost track of her. 
I hope she still writes.
I pray that she reads her Bible.
It's like poetry, but stories and it's real.
And that she's added John and Esther
to her list of favorites. 
Oh, how I hope she still dances
and praises
and knows that she's saved. 
Because He is STILL alive! 
Your only Son.
We stand before Your glory.
Humbled and in awe.
Knocked down by Your beauty.
And in front of You, we fall. 

And Marzipan is still a very good word.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Relax Your Grip

In Joshua 1:9, God says, "Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go". I don't know about you, but I see discouragement just about everywhere I go. I'd be lying if I told you that I haven't suffered my own discouragement, as recently as this past month. 

People are discouraged because their pain isn't going away. People are discouraged because no one is calling to set up an interview. People are discouraged because they stand in the window, night after night, ready to run with open arms and embrace a prodigal who isn't coming home. 

A synonym for the word discouragement is "hopelessness"

Relationships look hopeless. Marriages look hopeless. Finances have crumbled. Singles think finding a mate is just downright hopeless after all these years. 

Just fill in the blank: "I am discouraged because________________________." 

If you can't fill in the blank today, I guarantee that it will get filled, one day soon. It just seems to come with the ebb and flow of life on planet Earth. But Almighty God says, "Do not be discouraged". Are you thinking, "For cryin' out loud...how do I do that"? Me too.

I was reading Psalm 46 in my quiet time this morning, and came across that very familiar verse that says, "Be still and know that I am God". (Psalm 46:10) In the margin on that page, I have some notes that I must have taken in some sort of Bible study at one time. The notes reminded me that in the Hebrew language, the word used in this verse for "still", pictures a physical position. It's like letting your body go limp, or relaxing the grip of your hand. 


Before I go on, I want you to re-read that last paragraph. I want you to walk away from your computer, take a seat in your favorite chair, and think about what those words just said to you about your "fill in the blank" situation. I'll wait while you go...

I pray that the Holy Spirit spoke to your heart loud and clear. He sure as shootin' spoke to mine early this morning!

What I heard was, "Baby girl, take your manicured, pink and white, gel-nailed hands off that situation.  Relax the grip of your hand. I AM God!

Message received...loud and clear. 

We need to acknowledge that God is God. There's never enough room for two sets of hands on our situations. You may have been holding on for so long that your knuckles are white. Let God pry those hands off, one stiff finger at a time. Relax your grip and place your hands in the hands of God. 

His hands created the universe. His fingers wrote the Ten Commandments. His are the hands that stilled the storm and calmed the sea. They are the hands that gave sight to the blind, made the deaf hear, set the lame to dancin', and raised the dead. 

God's hands are strong hands. They are big hands. And most wonderful of all...His hands are loving hands. They will never hurt you. They will never release their grip on you. 

Every time you're tempted to grip tight, remember that there is pair of hands that have you and your situation held much tighter. Isaiah 49: 16 says, "See, I have engraved you on the palm of my hands." That word, "engraved" means, "inscribed or cut into." God is holding you so tightly that you are leaving an impression, a mark, an inscription, on the palm of His hands.  His right hand holds you fast. (Psalm 139:10)

Be still. Relax your grip. He Is God. He's got you! 

Now there's the cure for discouragement if I ever saw one!