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Tuesday's with Jesus #95

#95 "All His Benefits #4"
May 8, 2007
"Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits--", [who]"crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's." (Psalm 103: 1-2; 4b-5)   Passage Lookup: Psalm 103
Thus far, in our study of Psalm 103: 1-6, we have learned that God forgives, heals and redeems. I hope that you have taken the time to really get those promises into your spirit during this past week. I hope that you know today, that God loves you so much and that you are forgiven! You are healed! Your life has been redeemed from the pit! Have you grabbed a hold of that life-line yet? I pray that you have! And if you haven't, why wait another day?
Our feast isn't over yet. We have another silver platter filled with more of God's benefits that we can enjoy. More of God's amazingly wonderful Word to fill us up with all of the things that Jesus died to give us. Today we will learn that God crowns, satisfies and renews. These promises are for you. Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Psalm 103: 4b says that God, "crowns you with love and compassion." The King James Version says, "He crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies." The picture of "crowning" is more than the picture of a king or queen with a crown on their head. God's crowning is an encircling. You are surrounded, if you will, protected, and in a circle of loving kindness and tender mercy. One version of the Bible says that God beautifies, dignifies and crowns you. The Message says that He gives you a paradise crown and wraps you in goodness and beauty eternal. All around you, no matter where you turn, you are surrounded by God's "hesed" love for you. His love is seen in the fact that He is slow to anger and He punishes His people less severely than we deserve. (see verses 8-10) Psalm 8: 5 says the God also crowns you with glory and honor. You have a circle of favor, good deeds and mercy around you right now, enriching your life. That's the loving kindness of your Heavenly Father, who loves you like no one else ever could. 
Psalm 139 says that God hems you in--behind and before. He is all around you. You are surrounded. He goes before you, leading and guiding...tenderly and lovingly. And He's got your back. He's protecting you and holding you up when it seems that the whole world is against you and you just can't stand anymore. Your life is transitory, but it is established by the Lord's covenant. The Lord has compassion for His frail people because He knows how frail the nature of man is. (see Ps. 103; v. 14-16) Man is made of insignificant dust and his life is brief like the grass and wild flowers. Nevertheless from everlasting to everlasting the Lord's covenant love is with those who obey Him. The eternal nature of God is such a comfort for us frail human beings. Our hope is not in other fragile creatures, but our hope is in the eternal God. The God who crowns you with love and compassion.
As if that weren't enough, we see that God "satisfies our desires with good things so that our youth is renewed like the eagle's". Eagles remain strong throughout their entire long lives. They overcome the winds and the inclement weather. They soar above the wind and the storms. Are you soaring above your circumstances today? Or are you getting blown around with the wind and feeling weak and old; worn out and tired? The answer is found in the book of Isaiah, chapter 40, verse 31. It says that "those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles." Wings of surrender and trust. Uplifted, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Message says that, "you are always young in His presence". You will be spiritually vigorous under God's mighty hand. Put your hope in Him. Remember that God is providing the benefits...free of charge. We don't have to pay. We don't have to strive. We don't have to sweat. You can have sweat-less victory when you accept God's benefit package. 
You are soaring like an eagle because God is satisfying your desires (your "mouth" in the KJV) with good things. The Amplified Bible says that your desires are "your necessity and desire at your personal age and situation". Your benefits are personally designed...just for you. Your desires may be different than my desires. You have different needs and necessities in your life than I may have. But God tailor-makes what He has for you. He knows your own personal needs and every desire of your heart. He knows what makes you happy and He knows what causes the tears to well up in your eyes. He knows what is breaking your heart right now. And He satisfies those needs and those desires. He fills you to satisfaction so that you always have enough and plenty of. Remember that Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, in abundance, to the full, until it overflows." (John 10:10) And you can know that abundance, right in the middle of your circumstance, even if your circumstance is bad. You will have joy because you are in His presence. David said that "in His presence is fullness of joy."  (Psalm 16: 11) Joy in the midst of....soaring like that eagle...above the storms.  Your youth will be renewed..rebuilt, repaired and made new.
We've got one more benefit to review and we'll tackle that one next week. I am so excited about these benefits and as I study them I become more and more awestruck at what an amazing God we serve. He is so wonderful and so good to us. Are you still enjoying this manna from heaven that our Father has given us in His Word? I hope that you still have room for desert. Praise the Lord, O my soul!
Still hungry,
Donna Schultz                                                                             

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