Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 2008 Update

Dear Partners and Friends,
It's hard to believe that we are almost at the end of February. It seems like the excitement and anticipation of the brand new year was just yesterday. I believe that 2008 is going to be great for you and for the ministry of "Living the Word". Many things were conceived in '07 and are about to be delivered in '08, because God always completes what He starts. Remember, He is the Author and FINISHER! 
Just as in natural childbirth, there has been a period of transition in the ministry. 2007 brought many personal struggles. The illness and death of my father and my daughter's miscarriage brought much heartache and many challenges to my life. 2008 began with a bang and a host of new problems and situations to face. But God is so faithful. I cannot tell you what awesome things He did in the midst of suffering! They are too many to recount. Tragedy and loss were always tempered by an overwhelming feeling of God's sovereignty and love. Transition is the most intense part of a woman's labor and has been intense in my life and ministry. This is where one can begin to lose faith in the ability to cope. But there are those in that delivery room who keep reminding you that the end is near and birth is about to take place. Those are the kind of folks I want around me, don't you? Encouragers who won't let me quit, and who know and communicate that God is in control, and there is purpose in every problem. Don't always blame the devil. I believe we give him way too much credit. There are lessons to be learned in suffering, allowed by Our Heavenly Father to prepare us to serve Him more effectively. I pray that I have worn my trials well and that I did not waste one situation, one trial, or one learning experience sent to me from His loving hands.
I was given the awesome privilege to be the speaker at the Women's Conference at Hope Community Church in Detroit. We spent "One Day with the King" and His Spirit and presence were palpable. If you have not heard the message that I preached, I encourage you to visit the website and have a listen. If you are struggling in any way, I believe that this message is for you. It can change your life! 
I am excited to let you know that if you have Internet access on your cell phone, you can now view parts of our web site. Just point the browser on your cell to and you will be able to access the current week's "Tuesday's with Jesus" devotional and other parts of the web site. If you are away from your computer you don't ever have to miss this week's "Tuesday's". Just pull it up on your cell phone!
We are planning a "Living the Word Ministries" meeting in the Spring! This will be a time of fellowship, worship and praise to our God, and a word that I believe God has given me for such a time as this. Keep your eye out for updates that will be coming soon regarding the date, place and free registration information. I encourage you to join us and learn what it truly means to be a "Living Sacrifice" (Romans 12: 1). I look forward to seeing old friends and getting acquainted with those of you that I have never met.
Your love and support of me and "Living the Word Ministries" means more than you will ever know. "So this is my prayer: that your love will flourish and that you will not only love much but well" (Philippians 1: 9 The Message). I pray that you will grow closer and closer to Christ, your King, as you grow in the knowledge of His Word and His amazing, unfailing love for you.
See you soon,
"Living the Word Ministries" is a non-profit corporation in the State of Michigan. If you wish to partner with us please make checks payable to LTW Ministries and mail to: Living the Word Ministries P.O. Box 499 St Clair Shores, MI 48080-0499. For more information on booking and events call 313-575-2102.

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