Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday's with Jesus #160

#160 "What's Your Hurry?"
August 12, 2008
"Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground." (Exodus 3: 5)
So the mums have arrived in front of the grocery store. Really, I saw them yesterday. Shaking my head, I told my groom that it's no wonder they're dead by mid-September. They become available for purchase way too early in my opinion. I'll bet the stores are just about ready to put out the Halloween garb(age) any day now as well. Granted we were able to enjoy a weekend of unusually fall-like weather, and those mums seemed to fit right into the mood, but for heaven's sake, it's only the second week in August! My annuals are still in full bloom! What's the hurry?
When we're little, we play grownup. When we're teens we want to be adults. When we're single we want to be married and when we get married, well, some wish they were single again. (Not me...I love my man!) Childless, we want children and then when we get them, we want them to grow up. Kids are growing up way too fast experientially and according to science, physically as well. But their emotions aren't so much caught up. We want them to walk earlier, talk earlier and go to pre-school at age two. My daughter told me some shocking news...babies are now skipping the crawling stage and going straight to walking!  Can you believe it? What's the hurry?
The great New England preacher Phillips Brooks was noted for his poise and quiet manner. At times, however, even he suffered moments of frustration and irritability. One day a friend saw him feverishly pacing the floor like a caged lion. "What's the trouble, Mr. Brooks?" he asked. "The trouble is that I'm in a hurry, but God isn't!" (The Daily Bread) God is never in a hurry. Much to our frustration, I might add. According to 1 Timothy 6: 17, He has richly provided us with everything for our enjoyment. But I think we're in much too big of a hurry to receive what He has given us to enjoy.
We have to be purposefully intentional about enjoying the holy ground we are standing on in this particular stage of life. And whether it seems like it or not, there are beautiful things to experience and wonders to behold, wherever our feet happened to land when we got out of bed this morning. Cherish the husband who lies beside you tonight as you fall asleep. If you're going to bed alone, revel in the freedom that you have right now to pursue your dreams and serve God without being tied down. Enjoy every precious moment with your children and grandchildren. Take lots of pictures and laugh...a lot! Time passes by so quickly. Stop for a second on your way out to work in the morning. Hear the birds singing? You're standing on holy ground! Every bird's song, every flower that blooms, every sunrise and sunset, every moment of laughter and tears with those you love, all testify to the nearness of your Savior. I can't say it any clearer than this, dear one....SLOW DOWN!
The world around us is moving at warp speed. Everyone's in a hurry to get nowhere. Like rats on a wheel, spinning and spinning, around and around, we're not doing any sight seeing. We're not enjoying any of the gifts that are right in front of our eyes. Take off your Nike's and "set a spell". Oh, so soon, you'll wonder where 30 years of marriage have gone. You'll stand in the doorway of your daughter's bedroom and hear the empty room echo with your crying, as your heart aches from missing her so. You'll watch as your son replaces you with another woman. But he'll always be your little boy. You may find yourself sitting at the bedside of your dying parent. And over the years, in each relationship, in each and every single day, there were moments. Moments of beauty. Moments of laughter. Moments of love. Holy ground moments that you wouldn't have wanted to miss for the world.
Pet your dog. Eat an ice cream cone. Call a friend. Smell a flower. Hug someone who's hurting. Enjoy each and every moment of your today. Light the lamp at dusk and sit back with contentment from a day well-lived. A day filled with holy ground moments. "Oh, praise the Lord! This earth is crammed with heaven! Oh, praise the Lord! And, Christian, look around! For every bush you pass with fire is flaming, and every spot you tread is holy ground." (Anne Ortlund)
PS...As I look forward to eating a big juicy tomato grown right in my own backyard, I must tell you that Hallmark has put out the new Christmas ornaments. Sheesh!!!
All my love,
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