Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tuesdays with Jesus #193

#193 "With A Song In My Heart"
April 5, 2011
"By day the Lord directs His love, at night His song is with me-a prayer to the God of my life." (Psalm 42: 8)
I'm sure you've experienced those times when you hear a song on the radio or someone around you is humming a tune and it gets stuck in your head. Sometimes it's the most annoying thing. Have you ever had "The Song That Never Ends" stuck in your head? See there...that's exactly what I'm talking about. If you're an American Idol watcher, how about "I Am Your Brother...Your Best Friend Forever?" Your welcome!
I've had something a little different happening to me for quite awhile. Out of nowhere, in quiet moments, a worship song will be playing in my head. It may be a song that I haven't heard in years. Or maybe I just heard it at church, or on Pandora, a day or two ago.  It happened to me last night. I woke up at about 1:30 am and a song that we sang in church almost two full days ago was instantly playing in my head when my eyes opened. The words of Psalm 42:8 make me wonder if the Holy Spirit Himself was singing a song right there in my spirit. "At night His song is with me."      
How often is the Holy Spirit singing a song to our spirits and we miss it? Amid all the noise and clutter of our lives, are we missing His song?
We live in a loud, noisy world. We listen to our music LOUD. Our TV's are always on at fever pitch. Traffic is loud. Honestly, people are just plain loud. Add to all of that the constant demands that are placed on us each day from our work, our homes and our relationships. It seems someone or something is always tugging at you, doesn't it? Couple all of that with the situations in your life that cause you concern, worry, doubt and anxiety. The noise in your head probably ranks right up there with the noises from the outside.
Do you think that under all of that, in your spirit, the Holy Spirit is singing His song and you just can't hear it? We need to intentionally take some quiet moments throughout the day and spend them with our Jesus and listen. Really listen.
If you're frazzled, He may be singing "Be Still and Know." If the situation seems impossible, He may be singing "Mighty to Save." If you're in need, He may be singing you some blessed assurance that "[His] Grace is Enough." If you need a reminder of how He helped you in the past, perhaps He's singing "Great Is Thy Faithfulness." Take some time to listen by day and hear His songs to you in the night. Relax in the Comforter's arms and let Him sing you a sweet lullaby.
Richard Rodgers wrote a song in 1929 called "With A Song In My Heart". I want you to read the words of the refrain.
With a song in my heart I behold your adorable face.
Just a song at the start but it soon is a hymn to your grace.
When the music swells I'm touching your hand.
It tells that you're standing near, and...
At the sound of your voice heaven opens his portals to me.
Can I help but rejoice that a song such as ours came to be?
But I always knew I would live life through
With a song in my heart for you.
In the middle of all of your noise and confusion, there is One Who is singing His song in your spirit. Let that bring you joy unspeakable this day, friend. He wants you to know that He is near. Heaven's portals are open to you. Rejoice that you can share His song. He lives with a song in His heart for you.
Living the Word along with you,  
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