Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stop, Drop, And Roll

I get so sick of myself sometimes. I know that you can't relate, so let me tell on myself so that you can see what I mean. 

Once in a while, every so often, a doosey of a situation comes my way. At times it's a problem I've had to walk through before. Other times it's a brand new one that comes out of nowhere and stares me down. A Goliath of a situation. An impossibility. Then there are the ones that look like Goliath, look impossible, but really are just smoke and mirrors and not as threatening as they seem. 

I'm getting better at it, I must say, but there are days. Oh man, there are days when I forget, I jerk my knees in reaction, I open my big mouth, or all of the above. Since you can't relate, just picture it in your mind. 

Perhaps some day, one day, this will happen to you. Perhaps this piece of advice that I'm about to give will come in handy for you, one day. Coming off of a few dooseys in the last week, God gave me three little words to remember the next time I'm tempted to make a fool of myself, either privately in front of Him alone, or heaven help me, in front of some flesh and blood folk. 

You may recognize the Stop, Drop, and Roll principle from fire safety techniques. It's a method to extinguish fire from a person's clothes or hair. It is also found to be psychologically beneficial because it gives a person on fire something to focus on, instead of giving way to panic. This is the part where if I were sitting in church, I would say, "Come on, now!"

Let's take the three parts of this technique, look at them a minute, and see how they can be compared to something we can do when we are on fire from trials, problems and seemingly impossible situations. 

The fire victim must stop still, ceasing any movement which may fan the flames or hamper those attempting to put the fire out. *

The very moment that you feel yourself losing control, STOP! When a person is on fire, ferocious movements only fan the flames. Practically speaking, when you lose control of yourself, you only make matters worse. Can you honestly share a time when you were out of control in a bad situation, and it yielded good results? I didn't think so. 

Your loss of self control may actually inhibit someone from putting your fire out. There may be a very real solution to your problem, but if you are panicked, out of control, and trying to fix it yourself, you may be shutting out someone, something, or even God, from giving you a good outcome.  Just ask Sarai. (Genesis 16) 

You know how it feels when you're about to lose it. When that panicked feeling is starting to build, you can feel it in your gut, face flushed, your breathing quickens. Pay attention to the warning signs. Know yourself so that you can stop yourself.  Then...

The fire victim must 'drop' to the ground, lying down if possible, covering their face with their hands to avoid facial injury. *

The very moment that you stop, DROP! To your knees. Face first on the floor before the Lord.  Put your face in your hands to block out any other distractions and pour your ever-lovin' heart out to your God. Tell Him everything. Cry aloud. Use words if you must. He knows your heart. He knows it's breaking. He knows that you feel helpless. He knows that you have forgotten, if only momentarily, how He brought you through the fire before. He understands. 
"When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior."
(Isaiah 43: 2-3)
"We went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance."
(Psalm 66: 12)  

The fire victim must roll on the ground in an effort to extinguish the fire by depriving it of oxygen. *
Roll your problem onto the Lord. When an object is too heavy to lift, it isn't as hard to roll. 
"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you."
(1 Peter 5: 7)
A problem in your hands is an impossibility. A problem rolled onto God is no problem at all. In front of a holy, almighty, powerful God, your problem is nothing. No. Thing.
One of my favorite Scriptures is found in the book of 2 Kings. Faced with battling the Moabites, the kings of Edom, Judah, and Israel went out to fight. After seven days, there was no more water for their men or their animals. They inquired of the prophet Elisha and God promised them miraculous water, without wind or rain. God said, "This is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord." (2 Kings 3: 18)   
Your problem is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord!

Man's extremities are God's opportunities to show Himself mighty and to get all of the Glory!

When you roll your problem onto God, it is deprived of it's oxygen. It is deprived of it's power to torment you. You will know that the God of the Universe has your problem in His perfect hands and that you have nothing to fear. 

Once upon a time, there were three Hebrew boys who were thrown into a furnace of fire because they refused to worship an image of gold set up by an idolatrous king. The furnace was heated seven times hotter than normal; so hot that it killed the soldiers who placed them in it. Inside that furnace, the evil king saw four men, when only three were put in. He described who he saw as "one who looks like a son of the gods." 

In that furnace, with those three Hebrew lads, was not just a son of the gods, but THE SON OF GOD! 

Jesus Christ, the One and Only, Son of the Living God, is in the furnace, and in the flames with you. You will not be burned. You will not be harmed. You will come out and not even smell like smoke! (Daniel 3: 27)

Stop, Drop and Roll is a technique taught to people of all ages. It is even taught to those as young as preschoolers. If littles can get this principle, surely we can remember it when we are on fire. 

Stop, Drop, and Roll.

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  1. Donna, I LOVE this post. But I have to ask myself, why does it feel like I'm constantly stopping, dropping, and rolling? Life is too complicated sometimes! Lol! I'm comforted to know that no matter how complicated it gets, God is there to take the problems off my shoulders and simplify them according His greater purpose and plan. Thanks for this very encouraging and well written post. :-)

    Blessings to you my friend,

    1. I hear ya, friend! Seems like it's always something! God wants to keep us on our toes...or on our knees, as the case may be.

  2. I love this analogy! Thanks for the inspirational lesson on trials. I'll have to pass this along to many who I deal with--sending them your way! Thanks Donna!

  3. LOVE this. "your problem is an easy thing in the sight of the Lord." amen donna. such truth here. xo

  4. smiles....sometimes it is the most simple things in life that we make so hard...thanks for bottomlining it for us with the truth...

  5. This is such a cool spiritual practice to employ during those fiery trials of life! And such a classic and simple way to remember: stop, drop, and roll. Thanks for sharing your secret.
    I asked my readers today, “What spiritual practices work wonders for you?”
    I love “stop, drop, and roll.” A new one.

  6. If we (I) could just remember this...

  7. This article made me smile as I thought of your biblical applications to a life saving technique. How wonderful to know our Lord came up with the first life-saving techniques to save us from the hot messes we get ourselves into. Love the analogies. Great job! To continue to learn about life-saving strategies based on the proverbs 31 woman, please stop by www.disastermom.com and learn the best ways to keep your family safe!

    1. I'm smiling that you found your way here... :)