Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Writer's Block Jumble

She wrote these words on Facebook about three years ago. She was my son's friend. She was 14.   

Writer's Block Jumble
"I have writer's block. 
I'm going to write about nothingness. 
Or whatever. 
For a while.
Until I can think of a good idea. 
To write.
I know what I want to write about. 
the words aren't coming. 
So i'll just sit here and ramble.
I apologize to whoever is reading this. 
I'm just frustrated. 
I want to write about God and His glory.
but I can't.
and I don't know why 
It's annoying.
Dear God, 
help me get over this writer's block so I can spread your love and your words to 
all who are reading/listening/believing. 
I might just go read my bible. 
I never have before.
that would help
it's like poetry but stories and it's real.
I think I'll start with Revelations.
or Psalms. 
Those are my favorites.
Just from snippets I've seen. 
That's a good word,
isn't it. 
Along with eloquent. 
And jojoba.
and Marzipan. 
I need some fresh air.
I'm going on a walk, with my notebook, clear my thoughts and my brain. 
So I can feel some aliveness. 
In my soul."

I read those words on a day that I too, was suffering from writer's block. She inspired me to say: 

Sweet baby girl, I feel just like you. I haven't written on this blog in ages, and I so wanted to write something profound about, and glorifying to, my God. And I wanted to write it TODAY. Maybe we don't have writer's block. Think about it... 

Are there any words to define our God? Can any combination of alphabet letters describe Him in His fullness? Those of us who write, seek to paint pictures with our words, but is there a palette that contains the color of God? He is fuller than full, completely undefinable, and He is every beautiful shade and color in the universe. I don't think we have writer's block, sweet thing. 

I think we're tongue-tied by His glory! 

There are days where finding words are easier for both of us. Maybe, just maybe, today, Christ has given a special glimpse of His glory, just for us. And He has shown us that He is so big, so awesome, so full of glory, so uncontainable, and so indescribable, that we can do nothing more than fall to the knees of our hearts and worship. Our pens won't write, our keyboards won't click, our tongues are dumb... 

We are blessed today. He has filled us to overflowing with all of His fullness and we can't speak. It's too much! We want others to know, but how do we even begin to describe the indescribable? To define the undefinable? Maybe we just did. 

Maybe we just did. 

You and I ... together ... in our "writer's block jumble".

Did you read your Bible? It's real, baby girl...it's so real. And so is Christ's love for you. Do you hear me? He loves you so much. Know that today. Embrace that today. Let that knowledge wash over you. Feel Love's warmth. Feel His arms around you right now. That is the place where you will feel the "aliveness in your soul". 

Maybe I'll go read me some Psalms or Revelation too. Or maybe I'll just think about what a good word "Marzipan" is.

Thanks, Kelsey...you were an answer to my prayers today! Love, Donna

Later that day, she wrote more words.

I'd like to dance before you 
to sing praises in your name
to hear you say those living words
that me, my soul, are saved.
I hope I live to see the day
that you're chariot will come
to shout the words "He is alive!" 
To see your only son. 
When I stand before your glory. 
Humbled and in awe. 
Knocked down by your beauty.
And in front of you, I fall. 

Thank you Lord, for taking away my writer's block. Finally. Phew. I'm glad I managed to write something decent."

She's 17 now. We've lost track of her. 
I hope she still writes.
I pray that she reads her Bible.
It's like poetry, but stories and it's real.
And that she's added John and Esther
to her list of favorites. 
Oh, how I hope she still dances
and praises
and knows that she's saved. 
Because He is STILL alive! 
Your only Son.
We stand before Your glory.
Humbled and in awe.
Knocked down by Your beauty.
And in front of You, we fall. 

And Marzipan is still a very good word.


  1. I can relate to writer's block. Sometimes it comes from having too much to do. Other times, I think it's God's way of telling me to rely on Him more. Prayer and scripture usually "unblock" my mind to what His message is for me to write.

  2. "Tongue-tied by his glory"! Phew, what a great line.

    Nice to meet you. I found you via Michelle's Changed by the Maker link up. I like seeing your heart for teens near you too. That resonates with me since I volunteer with teens too.

    Have a great week, Donna!

    Jennifer Dougan

  3. Oh, you have such a shepherd's heart, Donna.

    This blessed me, just to read how you reached out. And how He did, too.

    Indeed, our words don't do Him justice, do they? A wonderful perspective that alters us from being lofty "writers" to simply and truly knowing our true state, nothing but "wordshippers."

    Great post!

  4. I LOVE this post, Donna. Amazing, too, what can come out from a case of writer's block if we just put our fingers (and our souls) to the keys. Beautiful.

    Thank you for linking at www.GettingDownWithJesus.com.

  5. Really beautiful! Hopping from iFellowship. :)

  6. Funny how I was struggling last night to write. I knew what I wanted to say, but couldn't seem to get it out.

    This was encouraging. Sometimes what God shows us is just for us and can't be put into words. :)

    Mary Beth

  7. Well said! Tongue tied by His glory-love it! The thoughts are there but the words don't flow, it's happens more than I like, but sometimes it's hard to put into words whats in your heart.

  8. marzipan is a really cool word...lol...and the best way out of writers block is to write any way...and in that you never know what you will find...just like this...smiles...

  9. I don't even consider myself a writer per se but God does feed my heart and I type. And when I am struggling for words, I pray and be still. Thank you for an encouraging sweet post and for sharing this at WJIM.

  10. so much to meditate on - thanks and God Bless

  11. Sometimes I just have to let go and let God... ! ha! Great post and yes, sometimes we are just tongues so we can just pray in the words the heavenly father gives us... Just can't write them down all the time :)

  12. Came over from em's---so glad I did...so sorry you lost touch..wonder if she still write poetry blocked or not?

    1. Actually Dea, I did hear from her again yesterday. She said, "Although I've lost touch with my bible, probably about a week after I wrote those, I still continue to write passionately, albeit for different reasons now." I just encouraged her that the words that I wrote all those years ago about God and His love for her still hold true.

  13. Oh, I love this post! I read it through Emily's and then linked up after you at Joan's, so I knew I had to comment. . .

    I'm starting to learn that sometimes, we don't have to have the words. We just need to show up. He'll take care of the rest.

    Thanks for blessing me today with your encouragement!

  14. What a great post! Tongue-tied by glory is a great way to put it. And what a great response for you to write to a young woman who was struggling to get out the words. Linked up at Joan's and that's how I landed here. I agree with Nikki -- "sometimes, we don't have to have the words. We just need to show up. He'll take care of the rest."

  15. Wow...this girl has some serious talent. This is a great inspirational piece! Yesterday was the first day I tried to blog and just couldn't...and I should have stepped away (new blogger)...Thanks for sharing.(found you on link up this morning at intentional.me)

  16. my heart aches for those girls, too, just figuring things out. so thankful she had you for a moment in time. trusting someone else is filling the gaps.

  17. I just write as I'm lead and pray that God is glorified! I love how God puts people on our hearts -- even folks we haven't seen in a long while. Surely your prayers are being answered! Thanks for linking up with me!

  18. Thank you for sharing your story at Tell Me a Story. Reading our Bible does inspire us to dance and praise the Lord. At times we all suffer writers block, but God will unlock the chains as we seek His face. He brings to our mind just what we need to say that will bless someone!!

  19. Oh my goodness...I love this. The progression, and the words chosen are truly not tongue-tied but amazing and marvelous! Thanks for sharing it over at Take Off Your Shoes!!

  20. For me, if I have writer's block it's because I'm putting too much focus on just "getting it done". I think I pressure myself and think. Ok, I have 30 minutes before the kids need me. Go, go, be brilliant, go. Ahhh, doesn't usually work!

  21. Sometimes the words are just not even close enough to explain what is in my heart for God... and other times it flows.... usually after I have taken a short little walk or just sat with Him a while. Beautiful post! stopping by from faith filled friday

  22. Tongue-tied by His Glory--yes!
    Thank you for linking up!! :)

  23. Very inspiring. That's for lifting up my day. I found you on the thoughtful thursday blog hop. I'm Leslie @ Gwen Moss blog.

  24. Great post, Donna. I've had experience more writers block this year than ever before. It's frustrating because I want to write words that honor Him. However, I do believe there are days when He just wants to pour into us.


  25. What a great testimony of God working through our blocks.

  26. Oh I love that "tongue tied by HIS glory". I feel that way sometimes as well!
    Beautifully written post!!

  27. love this. love, love, love this. thanks for linking up!

  28. ..." but how do we even begin to describe the indescribable? To define the undefinable?"

    Oh, how I have been at this place...tongue-tied by His glory, speechless by His beauty, humbled beyond words by His love for me.

    What a beautiful post...Thank you for linking up at "Heartprint Hallelujahs" and blessing my heart~

  29. first...this is so beautifully written...the teens writing and yours. I'm always struck at the depth of words someone so young can write. My 16 yr. old writes and she too leaves me in awe at her words. And I just love what you said....how you wove the whole thing together. Writer's block...it's a tough thing to deal with....

  30. Just beautiful - the journey of the seed planted!

  31. I was touched, I marveled and I was happy I find your post in " Tell me a story" . God is so good for giving us words when we find ourselves blocked.

  32. I can relate to writer's block too. There was a time when I found that my creativity/writing productivity was directly related to how much time I spent in my Bible... the more I read my Bible, the more words flowed from me onto my computer screen. God gave us this talent and He will nurture it if we turn to him! :)

  33. Tongue tied by His glory. I love that. I sometimes feel like simplistic words from a human brain aren't enough to explain the magnitude of my God and the lessons He's teaching me.

    Maybe you'll find your friend through your blog.

  34. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  35. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more blessings

  36. A writing student of mine says, “Why let something as fickle and inspiration hold you back? You’re a writer! MAKE something happen! And if your inspiration does decide to show up while you’re working, tell it to get in line. You have writing to do.
    Good tips. Very good advice.

  37. Love this! How perfectly sweet. "Tongue-tied by glory." I think I will have to use that sometime. Thanks so much for sharing. Found you through the Seasonal Sunday blog hop. New follower!

  38. Thank you for sharing the words of the young girl. It was a perfect subject for this post. She found the answer. And her dilemma helped you find the answer. Thank you for sharing with us.

  39. I loved that you linked this up at Seasonal Celebration Sunday!- thank you! Rebecca@Natural Mothers Network x

  40. Oh Donna, I haven't hardly written in about 6 weeks and totally understand. yesterday I went to the beach and all the sudden my mind opened up. It was an incredible feeling!