Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Friend David

I spent the long winter months doing quite an extensive and detailed study of the life of David. You know the David I'm referring to. David Bar Jesse. Shepherd turned king.

I sat in Jesse's tent on the day they brought David from sheep herding, and declared that, unlike his more qualified brothers, he was the one who would be anointed King over Israel.

I watched him wait for many years, hiding with him in the caves, as he ran from a madman.

I watched him fall in love. I watched as he fathered children. I was hiding in the shadows when he stepped out on the rooftop in the cool of the evening, instead of being miles away with his troops. I caught my breath and wanted to scream, "No, David! Not you!", when he took Bathsheba, another man's wife.

I watched him scheme and plot to have that man killed in battle. I shook my head and held it in my hands when he was exposed. I knew that judgment wasn't far behind.

I watched my friend lose a child and grieve deeply. I watched him get back up and go on. I watched as another child betrayed him and sent him running back to the caves. I watched as he lost that grown man-child as well. "Oh, Absalom...my Absalom!", he cried. I wept.

I laughed with my friend. I danced through the streets with him, amazed at the God we serve. We had ourselves one undignified celebration before the Lord.  

I cried with my friend. I cheered him on. I was so disappointed when he fell.

I grieved his death. I wholeheartedly cried my eyes out and didn't get over it for days. His story was that profound. His story was that personal to me. His story my story.  

My friend David taught me that all I need to slay a giant is a sling and five smooth stones.

I can do all things

God so loved the world 

In the Name of Jesus

He taught me that a just God forgives every time, but will also meet out consequences for my actions.

He taught me that friends and family can betray me and that my soul can trust in God alone.  

But the most wonderful thing that my friend David taught me, more smooth stones to slay any giant.
Pour out your heart to


My friend David taught me how to pray. He taught me that I can pour out my heart to God. I mean REALLY pour out my heart! I don't have to follow a program or a plan. I don't have to use fancy words. I can tell God EVERYTHING, just the way I'm feeling it! 

I can tell on people and believe me, I do. I can tell my God that I'm angry, furious, beside myself. I can groan and grunt and shake my fist before Him. I can cry. I can use words or I can just stand and look up and when words fail me, He hears the unspoken. 

I can tell Him when I don't understand Him. I can tell Him when it's just not fair. I can tell Him that I'm scared, terrified! I can use the word "HATE". David even prayed these things called "imprecations", which were zealous prayers, calling down hardship and threats, and even death, over his enemies. I can't say that I'm totally comfortable with that one, but David truly poured out his heart. He taught me that I can too. 

How do I know that it's completely okay to pour out my heart like that? To be one hundred percent transparent and honest with God? Because my friend David did and God called him,

"A man after My own heart"

From sheep pens to palaces....

From killing lions and bears to slaying giants....

From the heights of intense love to the depths of depression and sorrow...

...my friend David, taught me that it's okay to be human. 

Because of the One called Great, the Son of the Most High, given the throne of his father David, who will reign over the house of Jacob forever; His kingdom will never end. (Luke 1: 32-33) 

Thank you David. Thank you, my dear friend. 



  1. In all of Scripture, David is the only character I can really relate to. I am so glad that God included him in the Scriptures, along with the Psalms... so very glad!

    I love your post... it's really beautifully written.

  2. P.S. Have added this post to my Storehouse Collection. It's a list of my favourite online posts.

  3. Love how you walked with David. I have done that with some great witnesses to our faith. Sounds odd unless you have experienced it and you certainly did. loved how you wrote this up too. coming over from SDG!

  4. I'm always so grateful that God is big enough to handle all my feelings...positive and negative!

  5. Well, Friend, you did it, again. (You made me cry and cry.) I love David, too. I love how--when he hits a snag--he remembers God's past faithfulness and trusts that God will show up for him, again. I want to be more like that. God bless you, Donna.

  6. This is so amazing. Thank you so much for adding it to my link up. It really blessed me to read this. I absolutely love how you took these stories and relayed them to us as your friends stories. So beautiful and profound.

  7. David lived in such tough stretches of time. He wrote, read, thought, hid, danced, cried, loved and hated. Just like the rest of us.

    Ain't none of us perfect, but when we can love the Lord, He will always draw us to Himself. That is the major blessing of our lives.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story" about your friend David. Yes, we can certainly relate as we watch his life and how he loved God. Even when he sinned, he did repent (it took a while sometimes, but he finally did confess his sin.)
    God forgave him every time, and God will forgive us too! Praise God!

  9. Oh my gosh, Donna! You have such a gift with words. This is so awesome and I'm so excited to jump in deeper to my Beth Moore study of David. :-).

  10. This is such a beautiful post!!!

  11. Thank you so much for linking up this testimony of His Faithfulness in your life. :)

  12. Wonderful words. I love the verse that talks about pouring out your heart before the Lord. Thanks for linking up!

  13. Thank you for linking up and for your wonderful words of praise.