Thursday, October 25, 2012

Like This...

 Falling like rain. 

There is no sound.
It's a quiet


Still falling. Falling like rain.

For no other reason 
than because it's the season. 

A season for breaking and crumbling
beneath feet that dare to trod holy ground.
Because holy ground
breaks what was never meant to last. 
It crumbles the temporary. 
Until all that remains is eternal.

It's a necessary stripping bare
Where some go quickly.
Others die a slow death.

Bending, but not breaking.
Wobbly, but not falling.

there is a beauty in the dying.

When arms are lifted high
 and roots have grown deep.

Faith holds on.
He says that without faith
it is impossible to please Him.
The One who was stripped
with arms lifted high.
I want to please Him with faith
more than I want the thing I'm believing for.

Faith knows that
after the Winter,
 Spring will come.

It will all be beautiful again. 

" I do it because, though He slay me, 
yet will I wait for and trust Him".
 (Job 13:15 AMP)


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