Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Third Birthday, Mister Man!

Mister Man…

On this, the weekend of your third birthday, Gigi doesn’t have a lot of words. You probably don’t know what writer’s block is, but Gigi has it.

But my heart. What is my heart? Broken? Full? Yes. A little bit of both.

I'm kind of a mess right now. You can ask Jesus. He has to listen to me go and on, every day, all day. He's so patient isn't He?

But how could I not write to you again? Each year since it happened. Each year a letter. Each year fingers to the keyboard sending words to you.

Each year one year closer.

To Jesus.

To you, Mister Man.

If things go the way of the natural order of things, I should see you with my own eyes soon. Soon is relative, but I can't wait to lay my eyes on you, sweet baby boy.

But you're not a baby anymore, are you?

I asked Jesus this morning how that works? Are you still a babe in His arms, or do you grow each year like you would if you were here? I wish I knew. It doesn't really matter, I guess, but I would like to know how to picture you in my mind.

I picture you three. I picture you walking like a little man. I picture you catching balls and learning how to throw overhand. I'll bet you've learned to ride a tricycle and do you love puzzles?

Something I read said that a three year old understands the concepts of "now", "soon", and "later".

I get that.

Now you are not here.

Soon I will see you.

Later, we'll all be together. Your Mama and your Daddy, and your two beautiful sisters. Gigi and Pippy, Grandma and Grandpa, your aunts and uncles and cousins.

Each year that passes is one year closer to you.

Until then...

I heard this song this year, Mister Man. Every time I hear it, something gets in my eyes and they leak. You probably don't know anything about that, do you? The Bible says that there are no tears in Heaven.

I want to share the song with you. I also want anyone reading this tonight, who is missing someone who has gone to Heaven, to hear it and be comforted by it's message.

So, my precious little guy. How do I end this letter?

I'll end by taking another look at your sweet face on the picture and by kissing those little lips so tenderly.

I asked Jesus to give you a kiss and a giant hug for me and wish you a Happy Birthday. Did He do that? I'll bet that He did. He is so good!

Now, you are not here.

Soon I will see you.

Later we will all be together.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Mister Man!

Gigi loves you so.

1 Thessalonians 4: 14 "We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in Him."



  1. Very touching, moving.
    And maybe this broke the writer's block. I hope so. Or maybe it's been blogger's block, a different thing. I've had that. Took a break from blogging and then found I didn't miss the whole blog busyness, but wrote like crazy in my personal journals...
    Thanks for sharing this. God bless!

  2. Very nice post and video also and you have provide here the best and I love it.
    Praise The Lord.