Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Geez! I hope that got your attention, because I really need you to read this and help me out! 

Last night I was so inspired by the words of a fellow blogger.  I don't even know how I came upon her post, but it really got me. It got me so much that I just couldn't sleep. Now, there's nothing in her post to indicate to me that she's a Christian. She may be or not. Right now it doesn't matter to me. Her words rattled something inside of me, and it has brought a little discussion on my Facebook page as well.

After reading this blog post, I did what many of us do. I start clicking other links within that post, and to call it going on a rabbit trail would be an understatement. Only this time, it led me somewhere. It led me to an idea, and that idea took on life and breathed in my face, 

"YOU could do this!" 

Tucked away in a far corner of my church on the eastside of Detroit, is a gem of a ministry. It's a food pantry. It's called "My Father's Business", and that friend, is exactly what's going on in there. 

MFB is run totally by volunteers who have been serving for more than a decade. I know most of these volunteers because my husband and I had the amazing privilege to be the directors of MFB for quite a few years. These are good people. These are Jesus people. They are His hands and His feet, loving and caring for the poor, as if Our Savior Himself were there on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. They do it because they love the Lord and they love His people. They have His heart, because, don't you know, He loved the poor! 

I'm stepping out in faith here. I'm stepping out of the proverbial boat. I'm jumping off the cliff.

This is where you come in. 

I want to help, but I can't do this alone. 

The holidays are almost upon us and that means that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. 

I would like to bless My Father's Business with the ability to provide 50 complete Thanksgiving meals to those who come for assistance. 

It costs on average about $40.00 for one meal. I'm talking about the stuff I would serve my family. Not substandard. If I wouldn't serve it on my Thanksgiving table, it won't be good enough to buy for someone else. 

$40 x 50 meals = $2000.00

Forty dollars is all it would take to provide joy to a family sitting around their Thanksgiving table, without worrying about how they will have to skip a bill to provide a holiday meal for their family. A warm, cozy, nutritious turkey and all the fixin's. 

The single mom trying to make ends meet.
The senior on a fixed income.
The family whose Daddy just lost his job. 

For some of us, forty dollars is a drop in the bucket. 
For some of us, that's a few less trips to Starbucks this month.

 But for some, it's down right impossible.

I'll do the shopping. I'll do the delivering to the pantry when it's all gathered.

 Visit Paypal and send $40 to,
and I'll take care of the rest. I'll even give you a receipt, if you request one! 

I am SO very thankful for your donation!

If you can't do $40, maybe $20 would be easier, and I can link your money with another $20 donor to buy a meal. Whatever you can do would be so helpful. Maybe you can only donate $10.
Five dollars would be greatly appreciated!
No gift is too small.
It's that simple! I'll do all the leg work! 

You'll get the blessing!  

If we raise more than the required amount for 50 meals, the rest will be donated to
My Father's Business.

You can check back to this post periodically, and I'll post our progress in the comment section. 

So, I'm kinda sick to my stomach pushing "Publish" on this one, but that's what faith is. 

What's the worst that can happen, right? No one responds and I'll look like a fool.

But, but, but! If YOU respond, and the next person responds, and the next, and the next, WE can accomplish something amazing for those in need and for this great ministry! 

I need your help!

Will you help? 


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  1. Oh Donna I love your heart!! I'm SO EXCITED to see how God uses this to love on His people. You inspire me!