Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Won't Be Reading Your Blog Anymore

Dear sister blogger,

I won't be reading your blog anymore.

I have read, and watched, and pondered, and prayed. Prayed hard. For the last year or so, something hasn't been right. It's kind of been like eating something that had a generally good taste, but something in it just wasn't right. You just can't put your finger on it?

So I continued to read. Watch. Ponder. Pray. Pray hard. Little by little the light began to shine. Call it spiritual discernment. Call it intuition. Call it Holy Ghost enlightening. Whatever it's called, I got it.

You could probably care less about me reading your blog. You have thousands of followers, tribes, and friends. One little ole me won't matter a hoot to you, and that's okay. But I feel the need to give you an explanation. I'm usually a cut and run kind of gal, but not this time. I feel that too much is at stake.

I started blogging eight years ago. At that time, people would say, "What's a blog"?

Enter Blogomania! 

According to Wikipedia, in 2011 there were over 156 million public blogs in existence.

What has followed, has become that "something's not right" taste in my mouth.

Sister blogger. Your readers are watching you. They are reading you. They want to be like you. They want to write like you. They copy your writing style. They start groups like you do. They admire, revere, imitate, and secretly envy you for your success. 

I've been there. I've done it. I secretly wanted to be Beth Moore for years. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus, for delivering me from that one! If He had wanted two of her, He would have made her twins.

Do you understand the immense responsibility that is on your shoulders when you hit that "PUBLISH" button every day? You have been given much, and much will be required of you.

I admire your attempts to let your readers know that they are not alone. Not alone in sickness, in dire financial straits, in the throws of diapers and bottles and messes made by little ones hanging on skirts all day, every day. Not alone in depression, marital struggles, sinful behavior, and workplace madness.

It helps to know that the feelings we have are not particular to our own sinful selves, but that many share those very same feelings. We need community. We need to know that we are not alone. But sometimes it seems that the blogs are doing their job in that regard, all the while leaving the most important thing hanging on the clothesline, flapping in the breeze.

The Blogosphere~The place where misery loves company.

It's an epidemic. 

One is feeling tired and overwhelmed, so she reads multiple times a day about being tired and overwhelmed. 

One is struggling financially, so she reads blog after blog about being in debt.

One is sick, so she reads blog after blog about pain.

Hey! Thank you for telling me that you're sick too. But please point me to the Healer.

Thank you for telling me that you're struggling financially, just like me. But please point me to the One who promises to supply all of my needs.

Thank you for telling me that you're tired too. Tired of bottles and diapers and messes, and meals and little ones hanging on skirts all day, every day. But please point me to the One Who says, "Come to ME and I will give you rest."

Point me to a Book. God-breathed. Living and active. Point me to my Bible, not another blog post.

When the housework is done. When the babes are napping. When the sun is going down and the house is quieting.


Thank you for telling me that you struggle with anxiety and depression too. But please point me to the One who says that if I keep my mind staid on HIM, I will be kept in perfect peace.

Thank you for telling me that your marriage is a struggle some days. But please point me to the One who in His Word spells out the EXACT instructions for a healthy marriage.

Thank you for telling me that you sin. Just like me. But point me to the Cross. To the One who died for my sins and who has, will, and always does, deliver me and lift me out of pits, out of mud and mire. The One who sets my feet on solid, firm rock.

The ONE who I can't explain how He does it, but He does it! 

Because, sister blogger, someone hangs on your every word today. That's evident by the numbers in your stats. That's evident in your book sales. That's evident by the figures in your bank account.

They want the numbers. They want the book deals. They want the TV interviews. They want the growing bank accounts.

They want to be like you.

Oh! Please, sister blogger.

Tell them to want to be like Christ.

"Imitate God, since you are the children he loves." (Ephesians 5:1 GWT)

That's why I won't be reading your blog anymore. I will keep reading those blogging sisters who point me to Jesus. Those who have encouraged me, loved on me, made me laugh and cry, but always, always, always, pointed me to Jesus.  My only hope. The One who will take me out of my misery, not feed it. The One who speaks His love words to my heart anytime I need them through the pages of His Word.

So if you don't see me commenting anymore, you'll know.

You probably don't care.

But I won't be reading your blog anymore. 



  1. Dear sweet Donna, Thank you for pouring out your heart at "Tell Me a Story."

  2. Our time is too short to spend on things that don't point us to Jesus or places where we can't point others to Jesus. I admire your courage in saying so, Donna.

  3. I don't know if you have read my blog but you are welcome to if you want. Sometimes I have wondered why I write it and who I am writing to. It hasn't been easy for me to find my voice. But I have been convicted by these things as well. God bless you as you write and don't read. God bless you to follow his heart and His alone.

  4. Thank you so much for this insightful post. I have to admit that the title grabbed me right away so I had to click and read : ) I am in complete agreement with your thoughts...We blog for Him, and we must point to Him with all we do and write. Thank you so much for the reminder.

  5. I often take things too personally, but I don't think you are referring to me. When a reader comments on my post, immediately I go to read their post and make a comment. Yes, there are some bloggers who are hurting in many ways, and when I find them, I try to let them know that I understand, and Jesus does too. Most are Christians and know they need to trust and rely on Jesus. Honestly, on the internet I have sold 3 of my books. My book is about stories of my life from 3 years old until I married. Most stories point the reader to Jesus and lessons I learned and how my mother taught me to look to Jesus. My entire blog is usually stories, with a twist to look to God. I am ready to soon self print book two and book three, but can I be honest - - NO BLOGGER wants to read my book except maybe my two faithful readers of my blog. Then why am I publishing those two more books? They will be available free at my funeral so those who want to read my stories can have a free copy.

    So why not give up and quit writing my stories? Until God tells me to stop writing, I will continue, because there are those who drop by unanounced and never leave a comment - - but I truefully hope they were blessed before they left. Do not dispare, you have readers who are reading and enjoying your blog - - God knows that you are not selfish or trying to be like Beth Moore - not me either. :-)

  6. Amen. :) As a new blogger, I've really been struggling lately with all of this talk of monetizing, potential for bigger audiences, etc. And the temptation is there, it's real. But I decided that my blog isn't really MY blog, it's His blog. It was His idea to begin with and the words come from Him alone. I pray that I can stay true to that! Thank you for encouraging all of us to be mindful of the message.

    1. Oh friend, please don't make the mistake of believe that all blogs who monetize are bad blogs. Not so. But it's the heart God seeks. People can monetize for the right reasons or the wrong reasons. Sometimes we might not know that. But monetizing in and of itself is not bad. It's up to each individual what they do with the fruit of their labor that God has supplied.

      I monetize my blog, but not for personal gain. I long to bring my daughters home from Africa and the plant tickets are expensive. So, as we wait for the process to complete, we save, we fundraise, I write, and I share real resources with other moms who work for me, earning a tiny percentage back to help meet this goal. I am open about this on my blog because I have nothing to hide. :)

      That's why it's so important that each blogger is listening for the voice of no one but the Holy Spirit. He may call some to monetize and others He may not. (((Hugs)))

  7. THIS is my story....THIS is my song....praising our SAVIOR all the day long...and it's the only, only only reason I want to write. I may stray here and there...but it's the reason for this season in my life. Glad to meat you from Em's IP. Bless you!

  8. Love you, Donna. Thanks for the valuable reminder to keep it real and all about Him.

  9. I've tried so hard to reclaim my blogging for Christ. Knowing so many women especially struggle with getting lost on the internet, if my words can't bring someone closer to Christ then I have no right writing them.

  10. I pray daily that something I say in my blogs or the memes that I participate in will get people thinking about spiritual matters. I can only sow the seeds.

  11. I completely agree! There is a fine line between being authentic and wallowing. And it's a line that might be different for different people. I have also noticed that it seems like those really negative posts are the ones that go viral and get all kinds of hoopla.

    For me, I share my struggles, because someone who is perfect is paralyzing to me. When I see someone who seems to have it altogether and it seems to be easy, that's what I think--it's easy for her. But what about those of us who struggle, where is our hope?

    My prayer is to share my struggles, just so that people will know there IS hope in Christ, even through those struggles. Yes, I share the good, the bad, and the ugly of my life--one of those being my struggle with depression and anxiety that I fight with everything in me.

    But it's never for the purpose of wallowing, or having a pity party with all invited to join in. I share my struggles, but I pray I never leave my readers there. It is my goal to always point them to Christ. It's my goal to always leave them with that hope.

    And, that's what I always look for in bloggers. If I am feeling down about motherhood, finances, weight, etc. I don't want to fall into the pit with someone, I'm looking for someone who has struggled and is on the other side. Or is struggling, but by the power of Jesus Christ, is on the way up out of that pit and over the mountain.

    Now, it may not always come across...and that may also be the case for some of the blogs that I feel are in that "misery loves company" category. I don't know their hearts, and this writing thing is so hard, and we could never lay bare our entire hearts in a 500 word blog post. We can only pray that God will guide our typing fingers and use our imperfect words for His glory.

  12. I adore you. Thank you for this. Thank you, Donna.

  13. Bless your heart for this honest and beautiful post. Yes...point me to Jesus. I think I needed your words today. A reminder that first and foremost I need to turn to His fabulous Book. You pointed me to Jesus. THANK YOU.

  14. Can I just exclaim, amen? I've been feeling this way since January about a number of blogs, and it's been breaking my heart. But all I want is Jesus. Just give me Jesus. Thank you Donna.

  15. And this is my prayer, that my words would point others to Jesus! AMEN my friend!

  16. Amen and Amen

  17. Very good reminder and encouragement.

    I wonder, if maybe Jesus is saying this very thing to the Church in America.

    "Why I'm not attending your church anymore............" We have become very self focused and not Christ focused.

    Thank you for the encouragement to keep my eyes on Jesus.

    1. Yes! Renee, you are spot on. Thanks for visiting.

  18. Wow, Donna, what an incredible post. Thanks for reminding us of our incredible responsibility not just to our readers - but to our Savior and to our God.

    This is why you have always been such a source of encouragement to me! Your words always resonate with truth.

    Hope we remain on your "to read" list!

    Create With Joy

  19. To be like Christ. Yes ... to point people that way. Thank you, Donna, for sharing with us at #TellHisStory.

  20. My first time here. Hello Donna! When I started blogging I had no idea what I was doing and then I found my voice. And then somebody wise told me that I should blog about my hero. And so I did. My hero is Jesus! Blessings to you! patsy

  21. Amen. Excellent! You have stuck your pointer finger down hard on why I have so much ambivalence about "blogging community." I have truly met friends through this medium, with whom I exchange real encouragement *in Him*, but there's so much other stuff of a different focus---earthbound, self-bound, that I often consider, "I'm not sure blogging 'in community' is good for my spiritual health." And so I waver with it. Thanks your for such honest clarity!

  22. Donna, thank you for sharing your beautiful heartfelt post my friend and Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop too.God Bless xo

  23. Hi Donna,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your feelings. These are so important. And no one should share their pain grief and misery and that I applaud you that you will be giving these things up! We all have tests and difficulties and we need to strive to overcome these.I too have found that I only want to read the uplifting and creative words of others. I have some words that I want to share with you: O Man of Two Visions! Close one eye and open the other. Close one eye to the world and all that is therein, and open the other to the hallowed beauty of the Beloved.
    I appreciate the confirmations I have been given by reading your words.

  24. Thank you for this post. Personally, I rarely publish a story without a Scripture verse to go along with it. My words don't really matter unless they point to the One who matters most.

  25. I have been a rather quite follower but this, THIS post I had to comment. I loved it!! It's so true. I recently cleared out my blog feed with this in mind!

    My desire has always been to point my readers to Christ and the cross. I have nothing to offer them other than what He has done in my life and my heart.

    But I have seen what you described. I have been there too. And here is the crux of the issue, what good is my story if it doesn't point one to the cross? What good is it to tell you how I am healed or restored if it doesn't point to the One who healed?

    Thank you Donna...

    1. You are so welcome. I love your words. Keep pointing to Him, friend!

  26. I've been wondering deeply about this - this overall theme of "looking upward" - Don't you think God uses your comments to point them towards Him? Do you think he might use YOU to help guide these people to Him? - even if your comment feels meaningless? Don't you think we would be doing the same thing by turning our backs on their blogs? I've been having a hard time with this lately - but feel as a Christian - I am to lead people to Christ by his Love through me. To leave a comment of love, in hopes that they would "have ears to hear and eyes to see" it is about Christ and not them? Our job is to lead people to Christ for HIM to show them these things, deep in their soul and cleanse them.